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The Actor

Acting requires physical stamina and energy, which can be maintained through proper sports nutrition. Nutrients such as proteins and carbohydrates provide the actor with energy and help maintain concentration and clarity of thought on stage. Sports nutrition becomes an important tool in maximizing an actor’s performance.



Next on stage

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The Designer

Mixed-race, Oregon-based artist and media creator with a capable knowledge of software and hardware to oversee content creation from conceptualization to final product. Adaptable and able to learn new skills quickly. Over five years of experience in theatrical marketing, with a particular focus on collaboration, innovation, and equity.

Design Style

I believe in finding complexity in simplicity. I like to make art that you feel proud putting up on a billboard or on your bedroom wall. I love to design for the moment, and whatever that moment means to me.


"Alec Cameron Lugo is truly powerful and funny in a variety of parts."

"...hearing [the play] explained is never as moving as watching Lugo channel them into his acting."

"The appeal of Broadway Rose's production is in no small part due to fine performances by Alec Cameron Lugo..."

"Lugo [and Wade] are strong vocalists, but it is really their ability to intersperse word with song, mastering the timing to flow seamlessly between the two, that sells..."

Contact Alec

Please feel free to contact me via email! Remember to include your name, contact info and preferred method of correspondence, and a description of your inquiry, and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you! 🙂

Phone: (808)-345-5087